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Šiuo metu neturime apžvalgos šiai programinei įrangai: StrongVPN, versija. Jei norite, rašykite apžvalgą šiai programinei įrangai ir ją išsiųskite, ir mes ją mielai čia įtrauksime.

US-based VPN service, StrongVPN, is both popular and high profile. It has a reasonable privacy policy, and offers good connection speeds. However, the VPN service has quite the reputation of being excessively expensive, which is a problem if you are looking for an affordable VPN to use.
The basic package does start from a low price, but its offerings is very basic too, and the worse of all, it offers PPTP connections only. Prices go up with the other packages, but so do their offerings, with the ‘Deluxe’ package being the most cost-effective.
You also have to pay a 3-month minimum on all packages, which makes this service a lot more expensive than other VPN providers on the market. Fortunately, there is a 7-day money back guarantee offered by StrongVPN, allowing you to use and assess the service before making any commitments.
When it comes to customer support, the StrongVPN overshadows its competitors with its 24/7 ‘Live Support’, which is available in a variety of languages. The Team Viewer remote setup offered by the customer service is an impressive feature, as a staff member can access you computer if you are facing any problems with the service. There is also support available through Skype, Voicemail, and Email, which is great!
There is a ‘no logs’ privacy policy, therefore all your online activity is neither recorder or stored. However, minor details such as the date and time of the connection, and duration of the connection are recorded, which is fine. On the security front, the servers offer 128-bit encryption as well as 256-bit AES encryption, allowing you to choose the encryption level you desire.
Overall, StrongVPN has a lot to offer to its users, but that depends on how much you are willing or can afford to pay.


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